About Joomla Day Midwest

Nov. 12th at Potawatomi Bingo & Casino in Milwaukee

Joomla communities worldwide gather at Joomla days to collaborate and expand their Joomla knowledge. On November 12th, Savvy Panda and Anything Digital will host the first Joomla Day Midwest at Potawatomi Bingo & Casino in Milwaukee. This event will include extensive Joomla knowledge, internet marketing topics, unparallelled networking opportunities and endless entertainment. Enjoy the freedom to visit the speakers you will get the most from.

With four tracks to choose from, you can get the most out of your Joomla Day. The beginner track will focus on fundamental concepts such as website planning, extensions, Joomla e-commerce and templates. The Integrator's track will get into access controls, mobile theming, admin templates, advanced content systems and template frameworks. Next, the business track will dive into sales, finding talent, usability, SEO, analytics and testing. Lastly, the advanced developer's track will teach you about cloud hosting, performance hosting with cpanel, security, mobile development and Joomla framework coding.

Why you should Attend Joomla Day Midwest:

  • Four different tracks to choose the information you need to hear
  • Joomla experts from around the world
  • Unmatched networking opportunity
  • Internet marketing track to improve your online presence
  • Basic Joomla tracks for beginners
  • Advanced tracks to enhance your site
  • Excellent training opportunities for all levels
  • A chance to unwind at the JDay after party bar hop!

Who should Attend:

  • Sales associates
  • Webmasters
  • Marketing teams
  • Joomla Developers
  • Designers
  • Content management Professionals
  • Joomla Website Administrators
  • Business owners